Summer activities

Hiking tours

Summer is the time for hikers and nature-lovers. The flora of the summer – with the most beautiful flowers and plants is a world away from the snow and ice of winter. Red, yellow, blue and white flowers, grass and lichen can be experienced in 24-hour sunshine.

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking trips in the environs of the town and to or from Kangerlussuaq.

Boat trips

Summer is also the time when a lot of boat trips are offered. All the boat trips provide opportunity to watch seals, whales and birds. A pleasant boat trip in one of the region’s fjords is an experience for life. Locally known guides with wide knowledge of Greenlandic history, culture and nature organise trips lasting from a few hours to a whole day. Trips involving overnight stays are also available. A trip to the existing and former settlements in the municipality district can be recommended, as can a combined hiking and boat trip.


The fishing around Sisimiut has a particularly good reputation. Both the world’s largest halibut and the world’s largest catfish are caught in the waters around Sisimiut.

The sea fishing offers a great number of different species: redfish, catfish, cod, dabs, halibut, Greenland halibut and sharks.

The fresh water invites you to try your luck, with around 25 trout rivers and lakes for an unforgettable experience of nature with a fishing rod.

Qajaq show

In Sisimiut there is a kayak club located close to the harbour. Here the original Greenlandic “qajaq” can be experienced. The kayak is specially built for each rower to suit his size. Consequently, it is not possible to hire a kayak for lengthy trips, although there is opportunity to try one out in the bay near the club. You can also enjoy a qajaq show with the various exercises and techniques that have been in use for centuries.