Winter activities


Sisimiut is the most southerly town in Greenland in which dog-sledges are driven. As soon as the ice and snow conditions allow and on until the end of April, you can experience its unique scenery from a dog-sledge with authentic Greenlandic dogs straining in front. The town has an extremely attractive area of deep frozen fjords surrounded by alpine mountains.


One of the experiences on offer in the winter is a snowmobile tour in the snow-clad landscape of Greenland. In recent years the snowmobile has become a popular leisure vehicle for a rapid escape from everyday life in the town. After 10 minutes ride you find yourself out in magnificent scenery filled with experiences and adventure.


Sisimiut has plenty of opportunities for skiing. The area offers cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding.

The town has fine cross-country skiing facilities, its municipal ski centre being responsible for piste preparation as soon as the weather allows. In addition, there is the entire hinterland of Sisimiut right down to Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord), where you can ski through the rugged landscape on your own.

Alpine skiing and snowboarding are available from the “Solbakken” ski lift, which is situated 6.5 km outside the town in an extremely attractive area of high mountains. In addition, there are unlimited opportunities for off-piste skiing for the practised skiing enthusiast.

A completely unique skiing adventure can be had on the “Aqqutikitsoq” glacier in the period from February to September. Aqqutikitsoq is a popular excursion destination for Sisimiut’s resident population, including for snow-rafting down the glacier at speeds of up to 170 km/h.